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The Gallery staff is committed to the study and publication of the collection of casts and to research targeted at selected categories of sculpture from the classical world.

Members of the department have individual research interests and are involved in different research projects and publications, as follows:

Portrait of Lucius Verus, 2nd century AD. CG-B170.
Portrait of Lucius Verus,
2nd century AD. CG-B170.

Prof. R R R Smith, Curator
Prof. Smith gives university lectures on classical Greek sculpture, Greek and Roman painting, and Roman imperial art, and organizes research seminars on the ancient world. He has published a number of scholarly books and articles on ancient sculpture, continues his archaeological fieldwork in Aphrodisias (Turkey) and has recently published numerous works on the art and archaeology of the same site. His main research interests are: art and visual cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world in the Hellenistic and Roman periods; Greek and Roman sculpture and in ancient portraits and self-representation; Aphrodisias excavations the art and archaeology of the Greek cities of the Eastern Roman Empire; the distinctive character of statue use in late antiquity from AD 284 to 650.


Dr Milena Melfi, Assistant Curator
Milena Melfi assists Prof. Smith in his research and publications. She collaborated with Rune Frederiksen on the publication of the catalogue of the Cast Gallery collections and has published a number of books and articles on topics of Greek archaeology and architecture. Since July 2008 she has been co-directing the excavations at Hadrianopolis (Albania) in collaboration with the University of Macerata. Her main research interests are: topography and architecture of Hellenistic and Roman Greece, especially sanctuaries; the archaeology of central Crete.


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Catalogues and Publications

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Rune Frederiksen, Eckart Marchand (eds), Plaster Casts: Making, Collecting and Displaying from Classical Antiquity to the Present (Transformationen der Antike) (Berlin 2010)

Rune Frederiksen and R.R.R. Smith, The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum. A catalogue of the plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture (Oxford 2011)