Conservation Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my object to be valued?

Conservators cannot and will not value anything. Not only is it against the Code of Ethics we adhere to, but requires knowledge we do not have - there is rarely need for us to know the value of an object.

Can you conserve this item for me?

We are unable to take external work in.

Where can I find a conservator?

In the UK, the Institute of Conservation (ICON) have lists of conservators and the regions they work in.

What is my object made of?

It is very difficult to give information without seeing the object. Curatorial departments run sessions on a regular basis where they are able to identify and give information about objects. It is best to contact the relevant department directly - follow this link for contact details.

Do you have an open day?

Currently we do not; however, with the rebuilding and expansion of parts of the Museum we will be moving into a new suite of laboratories and there will be a gallery dedicated to conservation, so we very much hope to host annual open days.

How can I repair my object?

There is rarely a quick-fix option. As treatments are object-specific, we recommend that you contact an independent conservator directly. For more information contact the Institute of Conservation (ICON).

I want to be a conservator, what training do I have to do?

Today, training most commonly takes the form of a formal training course, often (though not exclusively) a postgraduate degree. For further detailed information contact the Institute of Conservation (ICON).

Are you saving trees and rare animal species?

We are Conservators rather then Conservationists and so are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of art and artefacts.