Heberden Coin Room

The Calcutta Mint in 1792 (HCR6046)

The Calcutta Mint in 1792 (HCR6046)


The Coin Room is as an international centre for research. Our studies range from the basic work of cataloguing the collection to broader studies of monetary history and the historical implications of coinage. We host a number of important research projects.

Since 1976 the Coin Room has organized and published eighteen Oxford Symposiums on Coinage and Monetary History, inviting small groups of scholars to consider key themes. We also host an annual CNG Lecture, generously sponsored by the Classical Numismatic Group, which is given by a leading international numismatist.


Research Presentation in the Coin Study Room

Research Presentation in the Coin Study Room

Since 1977, we have invited visiting scholars from around the world to engage in research in the Coin Room for part of the summer, with the valuable support of the Robinson Charitable Trust. Hospitality for our visitors is generously provided by Wolfson College.



Dr Julian Baker (Assistant Keeper, Medieval and Modern)

Dr Shailendra Bhandare (Assistant Keeper, South Asia and Banknotes), also Exhibitions

Roz Britton-Strong (Departmental Administrator), also Archives

Dr Simon Glenn, Research Fellow, Oxford-Paris Alexander Project (2016-17)

Dr Volker Heuchert (Assistant Keeper, Greek and Roman Provincial), also Education

Professor Chris Howgego (Keeper)

Dr Lyce Jankowski, Sackler Fellow in Chinese Numismatics at Worcester College (2014-17)

Dr Jerome Mairat (E-Curator), also curates Roman collection

Dr John Naylor, Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Adviser, Medieval and Post-Medieval

Dr Luke Treadwell (Senior Assistant Keeper, Islamic)

Dr Philippa Walton, Research Fellow, Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project (2014-18)

Honorary Curators:

Sir Mark Jones

Professor Nick Mayhew

Professor Andrew Meadows

Honorary Research Associates:

Joe Cribb, Terry Hardaker, Dr Philip de Jersey, Dr Cathy King, Dr Philip Kinns, Professor Jack Kroll, Dr John Sills, Dr Paul Stevens

Heberden Coin Room Online Resources

Public access to the coin collection was massively transformed in 2009 through the new galleries and the Study Room. The priority now is to transform virtual access to the collection in the same way. We are currently digitizing the collection with the help of teams of volunteers registered with the University's Volunteer Service. We are also now developing a web app, generously funded by Robert Ronus, to make basic data available to experts professional and amateur around the world, both for their own research and interest, but also so that they can add descriptions and classifications for online publication.

Current online resources include:


The Money Gallery features:

  • Highlights from the collection
  • important local finds (including hoards)
  • displays and hands-on activities specifically designed for children
  • exhibitions introducing important cultures that used money
  • displays exploring the nature of money
  • Special Exhibitions generously sponsored by Stephen Album Rare Coins
  • There are also numismatic displays in 24 other galleries.

    Some coins have been highlighted as Object of the Month.

    Catalogues of the Coin Collection

    Some Greek, Roman, Islamic, and English and Scottish medieval coins have been published in dedicated catalogues. The Roman provincial coins are being catalogued as part of the international Roman Provincial Coinage Project, in which Ashmolean curators are playing a significant part. In addition, all systematic studies of coins by mint, region, or period include the Ashmolean collection as a matter of routine.