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Heberden Coin Room


One of the most important contributions the Coin Room makes to the scholarly community is through the research conducted by the curatorial staff. Our research efforts range from the basic work of cataloguing the collection to broader studies of monetary history and the historical implications of coinage. We also house a number of important externally-funded research projects.

To view a list of Heberden Coin Room externally funded research projects please follow the link.

We have sought to develop the Coin Room as an international centre for research. Since 1976 the Coin Room has organized and published eighteen Oxford Symposiums on Coinage and Monetary History, inviting small groups of scholars to consider key themes. To view a list of Oxford Symposia on Coinage and Monetary History please follow the link.

Henry VIII Medal
Henry VIII Medal

Since 1977, we have invited scholars from around the world to engage in research in the Coin Room for part of the summer, with the valuable support of the Robinson Charitable Trust. Hospitality for our visitors is generously provided by Wolfson College. We also host the Shamma Visiting Fellowship in Islamic Numismatics and Epigraphy, in association with St Cross College.

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To find out more about research carried out by the Ashmolean's curators and staff between 1999 and 2006 please download the Research Profile.

Curatorial Responsibilities

The responsibilities of members of the Department, with an indicative selection of their publications, are as follows:

Chris Howgego, Keeper - Roman coins
  • Greek Imperial Countermarks. Studies in the Provincial Coinage of the Roman Empire, Royal Numismatic Society special publication no.17, London, 1985, reprinted Spink 2005.
  • Ancient History from Coins, Routledge, 1995, reprinted 1997.
  • With V. Heuchert and A. Burnett (eds), Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces, Oxford University Press, 2005.
Nick Mayhew, Honorary Curator
  • Sterling Imitations of Edwardian Type, London, 1983.
  • Coinage in France from the Dark Ages to Napoleon, London, 1988.
  • With Elizabeth Gemmill, Changing values in medieval Scotland: a study of prices, money, and weights and measures, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995.
  • Sterling: the rise and fall of a currency, London: Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 1999. US edition by John Wiley, May 2000. Penguin paperback Autumn 2000. Reprint 2003.
  • Chapter 2 (covering the period 1154-1464) in A New History of the Royal Mint, edited by C.E.Challis, Cambridge 1992.
Luke Treadwell, Senior Assistant Keeper - Islamic coins
  • Buyid Coinage A Die Corpus (322-445 A.H.), Oxford, Ashmolean, 2001.
  • with P. Crone, 'A new text on Ismailism at the Samanid court', in C.F. Robinson (ed.), Texts, Documents and Artefacts: Islamic Studies in Honour of D.S. Richards, Brill, 2003, pp. 37-67.
  • 'Shahanshah and al-malik al-mu'ayyad: the legitimation of power in Samanid and Buyid Iran', in Josef Meri and Farhad Daftary (eds.), Culture and Memory in Medieval Islam: Essays in Honour of Wilferd Madelung, London: I.B. Tauris, 2003, pp. 318-337.
  • 'Mihrab and 'Anaza or Spear-in-Sacrum?: A reconsideration of the iconography of an early Marwanid silver drachm', Muqarnas, vol. 22, 1-28.
Julian Baker, Assistant Keeper - Medieval and Modern coins, medals
  • 'Three fourteenth century coin hoards from Apulia containing gigliati and Greek deniers tournois', in Rivista Italiana di Numismatica e Scienze Affini, 102 (2001), 219-280.
  • 'The Casálbore (AV) Hoard of Neapolitan gigliati in the name of King Robert of Anjou (1309-1343)', Annali. Istituto Italiano di Numismatica 49 (2002), 155-200.
  • 'Coin circulation in early 14th century Thessaly and south-eastern mainland Greece', in N. Moschonas (ed.), Chrèma kai agora stèn epochè tôn Palaiologôn 13os-15os aiônas [= Money and markets in the Palaiologan period, 13th-15th centuries], Athens, 2003, pp. 293-336.
  • With M. Ponting, 'The Early Period of Minting of Deniers Tournois in the Principality of Achaïa (to 1289), and their Relation to the Issues of the Duchy of Athens', Numismatic Chronicle, 161 (2001), 207-254.
Shailendra Bhandare, Assistant Keeper - South Asian and oriental coins, banknotes
  • 'A Metallic Mirror: Changing Representations of Sovereignty of Indian Coins during the Raj', in Himanshu Ray (ed.), Coins as Cultural and Political Documents, Marg Publications, Mumbai, forthcoming.
  • 'Numismatics and History: The Murya-Gupta Interlude in the Gangetic Plains', in Patrick Olivelle (ed.), Between the Empires, OUP, Delhi, forthcoming.
  • 'Political Transition in 5th century Gujarat: a Numismatic Reassessment Based on the Silver Coins of the Guptas, Western Ksatrapas and their Contemporaries', Numismatic Digest 2005-2006, forthcoming.
  • 'Money on the Move: The Rupee and the Indian Ocean Region', in Himansu Prabha Ray (ed.), Narratives of the Sea, OUP Delhi, forthcoming.
Volker Heuchert, Assistant Keeper - Greek and Roman Provincial coins
  • 'Roman provincial coinage' in C. Alfaro and A. Burnett (eds), A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996-2001, Madrid, 2003, pp. 313-43.
  • 'The chronological development of Roman Provincial coin iconography', in C. Howgego, V. Heuchert and A. Burnett (eds), Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces, Oxford University Press, 2005, pp. 29-56.
John Naylor - Finds Adviser (Medieval and Post-Medieval Coins), Portable Antiquities Scheme (from 25th June 2007)


The following are Honorary Research Associates of the Heberden Coin Room:

  • Terry Hardaker (early Indian coins)
  • Philip de Jersey (Celtic coins)
  • Cathy King (Roman coins)
  • Paul Stevens (Indian coins)
  • Joe Cribb (Eastern coins)
  • John Sills (Celtic coins)
  • Jack Kroll (Greek coins)
  • Philip Kinns (Greek coins)

Heberden Coin Room Online Resources

  • Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum - The Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum is a British Academy Research Project, the purpose of which is to publish illustrated catalogues of Greek coins in public and private collections in the British Isles. Volume V is devoted to the collection in the Ashmolean. While the output of the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum project has traditionally been volumes of text and plates, in recent years digital recording of this material has begun to take place. Currently some 25,000 coins from the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum volumes are online in the form of a searchable database.
  • Roman Provincial Coinage Online
  • Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles - The Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles has been publishing coins in British museums and many important collections abroad since 1958. It is composed of 56 volumes that can now be searched online, with full descriptions and images of over 50,000 coins. This is the primary vehicle for the publication of the Ashmolean's British coinage.
  • Coin Library- Searchable via OLIS, Oxford University's online union library catalogue.


The Ashmolean Plan included the creation of a major new Money Gallery featuring:

  • Coin Room highlights
  • important local finds (including hoards)
  • displays and hands-on activities specifically designed for children
  • exhibitions introducing important cultures that used money
  • displays exploring the nature of money

  • Money Gallery Special Exhibition: Britannia

Coin Room objects are also on display in many other galleries.

Objects of the Month

Catalogues of the Coin Collection

Around 15,000 Greek, Roman, Islamic, and English and Scottish medieval coins have been published in dedicated catalogues. The Roman provincial coins are being catalogued as part of the international Roman Provincial Coinage (RPC) project, in which Ashmolean staff are playing a significant part. In addition, all systematic studies of coins by mint, region, or period include the Ashmolean collection as a matter of routine.

To view a list of Heberden Coin Room catalogues please follow the link.