Objects of the Month (2000-2005)

Between May 2000 and September 2005 the Museum's web site highlighted a different object each month. During the course of the redevelopment this has been replaced by Objects Speak. Below is a gallery of links to restyled versions of the objects that are from the Heberden Coin Room:

June 2000 object of the month September 2001 object of the month January 2002 object of the month June 2003 object of the month
Roman Coin showing Bellerophon Slaying the Chimeara
Gold Twenty-Shilling Piece of Elizabeth I
Portrait Coin of
Demetrius Poliorcetes

Tiziano Vecellio, called Titian (c. 1485-90 to 1676)
Roman Gold from Finstock, AD 70
October 2003 object of the month December 2004 object of the month June 2005 object of the month  
Chinese Tea Brick, 18th-19th century Silve Tetradrachm of Lysimachus, King of Thrace, c. 297-281 The Domitianus Coin, c. AD 271