Objects of the Month (2000-2005)

Between May 2000 and September 2005 the Museum's web site highlighted a different object each month. Below is a gallery of links to restyled versions of the objects that are from the Department of Western Art:

August 2000 object of the month October 2000 object of the month January 2001 object of the month April 2001 object of the month
Cabinet Decorated with Scenes from 'The Prioress' Tale'
By Phillip Webb and Burne-Jones
Constantine the Great Beholds the Sign of the Cross
After Gianlorenzo Bernini
Portrait of Giacomo Doria, c.1532-4
Tiziano Vecellio, called Titian (c. 1485-90 tp 1676)
Abraham Mignon, A Vase of Flowers
July 2001 object of the month December 2001 object of the month March 2002 object of the month May 2002 object of the month
W.A. Sickert, Brighton Pierrots, c.1915 Bicci di Lorenzo, St Nicholas of Bari Rebuking the Storm Maiolica Basin Showing the Triumphs of Julius Caesar, Urbino , c.1565-75 Tiziano Vecellio, attr. Cornelis de Neve, Portrait of John Tradescant the Elder
June Landscape, John Piper (1964)
Sir Joshua Reynolds' Chalcedony Sealstone, 18th century
The Sack of Rome and the Flight of the Vestal Virgins, Biagio di Antonio Tucci (1446-1516) Marble Specimen Table, Workshop of Michelangelo Barberi, c.1852
Gentle Spring, Frederick Sandys (1829-1904) Gold and Agate pair-case watch The Capel Basket, Pierre Harache London, 1686 A Gloucestershire Landscape, John Nash RA, 1914
The Messiah, 1716, Antonio Stradivarius Embroidered Casket, pre 1665 A Seated Shepherd with Cows and Sheep in a meadow, Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691) The Afterglow in Egypt, William Holman Hunt, c. 1854