Department of Western Art


Opinions on works of art

Members of the curatorial staff of the Department of Western Art are available on Wednesdays (10.00–12.00 and 14.00–16.30) in the Print Room to give opinions on works of art brought in by members of the public. It is advisable to contact the Print Room beforehand to check that the curator on duty will be able to help. No comment on valuation can be made, and opinions are given on the understanding that neither the University nor any individual can accept liability for any opinion expressed.

The Hill Collection

Working drawings of selected instruments in the Hill Collection of musical instruments

Messrs W. E. Hill & sons decided to commission a series of working drawings by John Pringle and Stephen Barber to meet the needs of the craftsman instrument-maker. Measured drawings and personal observations on the present condition, construction and original workmanship of individual instruments are available from the Publications Department. For further information on the measured drawings, please see the Shop page under Prints on Demand - Hill Drawings.

Study of musical instruments in the Print Room

Most of the musical instruments in the collection of the Western Art Department are on display but specialists can arrange to study individual items on request in the Print Room.

Appointments should be made with the Print Room Staff by e-mail:

A minimum of a week’s notice is required.