Raymond Blanc (Chef) with Still Life of Asparagus by Adriaen Coorte, 1683–1707 (read more)

Bettany Hughes (Historian) with lekythos, decorated with a winged Nike, c. 500 BC (read more)

Kevin Whately (Actor) with the Bocardo Prison Key, c. 1550 (read more)

Colin Dexter (Author) with Manacle, c. 1656 (read more)

Laurence Fox (Actor) with Cranmer's Band, c. 1550 (read more)

Bob Johnson (Picture framer for the Ashmolean) with Miniature of Augusta, Princess of Wales, c. 1736 (read more)

Brian Malin (Oxfordshire resident) with the Domitianus coin, c. AD 271 (read more)

Christina Lamb (Journalist) with a female figure from Gandhara, c. AD 200–300 (read more)

Christopher Brown (Director of the Ashmolean) with the Alfred Jewel (late 800s) & architectural plans by Rick Mather & Charles Cockerell (read more)

Diran Adebayo (Author) with a Sumerian King List, c. 1800 BC (read more)

Gabriella Youngs Do Patrocinio (Oxford resident) with Ballet Dancer by Degas, c. 1900 (read more)

Laurie and Ted Green (Oxfordshire residents) with fragments of ancient Greek pots (read more)

Haremi Kudo (Design teacher) with Waterfall Vase by Namikawa Yasuyuki, c.1910–1915 (read more)

Helena Conceicao (Bus driver) with a selection of watches, c. 1600s–1800s (read more)

Hugh Quarshie (Actor) with the statue of the Egyptian God Imhotep, c. 600 (read more)

Indira Joshi (Actress) with A Court Beauty, a painting on cloth attributed to Chokha, c. 1810 (Lent by Sir Howard Hodgkin) (read more)

Izzy Nicolson (Oxfordshire resident) with wardrobe decorated by Edward Burne Jones, c. 1859 (read more)

Joey Ansah (Actor) with reliquary casket, c. AD 1200 (read more)

Jung Chang (Author) with Chinese pilgrim vase, c. 1730 (read more)

Lady Chalmers (Oxford resident) with embroidery samplers, 1660 & 1699 (read more)

Laurence Helliwell (Medical Student) with the Metrological Relief c. 460–430 BC (read more)

Lisa & Sarah Pobereskin (Actress & Strategy consultant) with the Siren Candlesticks, c.1510–1530 (read more)

Luca Abarno (Oxford resident) with the sacred ram of the Egyptian god Amon-Re, c. 680 BC (read more)

Maggi Hambling (Artist) with Portrait of Francis Bacon by Maggi Hambling, 1985 (read more)

Freya Darius-Nobes (Oxfordshire resident) with the Roman Bust of a Satyr, c. AD 100–200 (read more)

Michelle Thompson (Visitor of the Helen & Douglas House Hospice) with plaster cast of the Bust of Michelangelo by Daniele Ricciarelli da Volterra (read more)

Mitsuko Watanabe (Ashmolean research assistant) & her daughter Nanako Grace Ito-ch’en with the Stag and Doe, c.1680 (read more)

Olivier DaySoul (Musician) with the Ginny Drum, c. 1656 (read more)

Paddy Summerfield (Photographer) with The Valley of the Bright Cloud by Samuel Palmer, 1825 (read more)

Philip Pullman (Author) with a View of Dolo on the Brenta Canal by Canaletto, c. 1732–35 (read more)

Rick Mather (Architect) with architectural model & building materials from the old and new Ashmolean (read more)

Robert Youngs Do Patrocinio (Oxford resident) with Chinese lacquer box, by Wanli, 1573–1619) (read more)

Shami Chakrabarti CBE (Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University) with The Reign of Justice by Edmund Joseph Sullivan, 1917 (read more)

Sir Ben Kingsley (Actor) with a standing Buddha from Gandhara, c. AD 200 (read more)

Sue Peach, Sue Matthew & Jean Flemming (Ashmolean Volunteers) with The Courtesan Wakaume of the Tama-ya with Two Shinz?, Haruume and Shiraume, by Kitagawa Utamaro, c. 1753–1806 (read more)

Hugh, Angus and William Nicolson (Oxfordshire residents) with silver spoons, c. 1600s (read more)

Vishali Jivan (Consultant) with the statue of Siddha, c. AD 900 (read more)

Alina Koudoua with the Mosque Lamp, c. 1300s (read more)

Angela Palmer (Artist) with an Egyptian boy mummy (read more)

Anna Jones (Optometrist) with A Mill near Zaandam by Claude Monet, c. 1871 (read more)

Bill Heine (BBC Oxford Radio Presenter) with the sculpture of Judith and Holofernes, c. 1600s (read more)



The new Ashmolean - opening November 2009

Oxford Bus Company

What's your favourite Ashmolean story?

My Ashmolean, My Museum is a photographic campaign produced in collaboration with high profile individuals and members of the local community. Each portrait tells a unique story about the Ashmolean’s renowned collections of art and archaeology and the sitter’s relationship with the object.

The fine-art photographer, Theo Chalmers has produced the eye-catching series of portrait photographs to convey the spirit and excitement of the new Museum building, in the lead up to the grand opening in November 2009.

Our thanks go to all the individuals who have generously given their time and support to this campaign.

My Ashmolean, My Museum has been generously supported by the Elias Ashmole Group.

Photography by
Theo Chalmers