Exhibition Services

Heracles to Alexander Exhibition
Heracles to Alexander Exhibition

Mount-making, Model-making and Installation

The Ashmolean Museum offer Exhibition Services, including mount-making, model-making and installation for other Museums and Galleries, Design companies, institutions and private collectors.

With thousands of objects redisplayed in over 35 new galleries as part of the Ashmolean Museum 61 million Redevelopment, our team is very experienced at producing the highest quality, conservation standard mounts that both present the objects at their optimum and also protect them from damage in the long-term. Our workshops are able to make any type of metal or acrylic mounts.

The Alfred Jewel
The Alfred Jewel

We have a detailed working knowledge of all aspects of exhibitions, and also offer expert mountmaking and installation technicians as part of our exhibition services.

The Ashmolean Museum Exhibition Team has worked on projects with freelance designers and design companies, as well as directly with museums and galleries.

Some of our previous clients include The Museum of the Order of St John, Waddesdon Manor (National Trust), Manchester Museum, Oxford Natural History Museum, Cumnor Church, Canterbury Beaney Museum, as well as all exhibition work at the Ashmolean Museum.

Installing in Beaney Museum
Installing in Beaney Museum

Recent Work

The Canterbury Beaney Museum Project is a partnership between Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council and is scheduled to reopen in late 2012. The Ashmolean Museum Exhibition Services team have been doing the mountmaking and installation as part of the redevelopment of the Beaney Museum in Canterbury.

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