Picture Library Updates

The Picture Library was formed as a result of the redevelopment of the Ashmolean Museum in March 2006. The creation of the Picture Library involved not only the centralisation of the Departmental Photographic Archive but also initiated a gradual ongoing programme to digitise the collection. The Picture Library works in conjunction with the Ashmolean’s Photographic Studio who are responsible for all photographic material produced on behalf of the Ashmolean.

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A Treasured Inheritance

PDF File Policy statement regarding images from the volume A Treasured Inheritance: 600 Years of Oxford College Silver, by Helen Clifford.


Due to an on-going programme of conservation, the Ashmolean Museum regrets that it is currently not possible to provide digital images or prints for publication from the Creswell Archive’s negative collection. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, the Fine Arts Library at Harvard has a large collection of Creswell prints which, courtesy of Joanne Bloom Toplyn,* *Photographic Resources Librarian, may be scanned for publication provided Permission to Reproduce has first been obtained from the Ashmolean Museum.

Before contacting the Fine Arts Library, it will be necessary to check that it holds the image required. This can be done via the ArchNet website (http://archnet.org), which includes both the Ashmolean and Harvard Creswell collections, together with their negative and/or print accession numbers.

Joanne Bloom Toplyn's email address is: toplyn@fas.harvard.edu, but please bear in mind that due to pressure of work it may not be possible for requests to be dealt with immediately.

Ashmolean Museum Picture Library and BAPLA

In October 2010 the Ashmolean Museum Picture Library was proud to be accepted as a member of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies. Follow this link to see our profile on the BAPLA website.

Mary Evans Picture Library and The Art Archive

In 2011 the Ashmolean Museum Picture Library extended its licensing programme with two new image and rights agencies. Mary Evans Picture Library holds around 2000 images from our collections, and at present broadly replicates the material available via our Print on Demand service. The Art Archive holds around 1800 images from our collection, of which 700 are currently available on-line.