The Ashmolean Museum Security Training & Assessment Team

Corporate Enquiries

If you are a larger business who require a higher volume of training there are benefits in choosing us for your training needs. We are able to train at your place of business or we have the capacity to train large groups of your staff here at our assessment centre. We will work with you to ensure you develop the correct training plan for your staff and support you in future training strategies.

There are financial benefits in using us as your on-going training provider. Additional courses are costed at a lower rate over a longer period of time. We can also work in with your training budget to ensure you receive the best training at lower costs to your business. Your individual staff members can also benefit with the lower costs for training courses they choose with us.

For further information and enquirers on Corporate rates please contact one of our dedicated team members:
T: 01865 288298
To express an interest go to the Enquiry Form