The Ashmolean Museum Security Training & Assessment Team

Fire Safety in the Workplace

This is a 2 3 hour training session which can be given in your workplace or on site at the assessment and training centre.

Recommended for:
This training session is recommended for anyone who would benefit from fire safety training in the workplace.

Course overview:
The aim of this course is to familiarise all candidates with fire safety issues and associated actions to be taken in the event of a fire alarm activation or start of a fire

Course benefits:
At the completion of this training session candidates will have a better understanding of fire safety in their workplace and show the basics in emergency strategies.

Course Content:
This training session includes explaining the causes of ignition, strategies in the event of an emergency, types of fire extinguisher and the importance of good housekeeping and procedures.

It is advisable for all candidates and organisations to call us to discuss this course as it is bespoke and designed to individual needs. Please contact us:
T: 01865 288298
To express an interest go to the Enquiry Form