The Ashmolean Museum Security Training & Assessment Team

Porter Course

2 day course. This course is preferably run in the workplace however it may also be conducted in the training and assessment centre.

Recommended for:
Those that currently work as a porter in a college, library, museum or similar or for anyone who is looking at working as a porter.

Course Overview:
The course raises an understanding of the skills and requirements of those already working as a porter and to instruct and educate those who are looking at working as a porter.

Course Benefit:
This course will enhance the skillset and update the working methods of those working as a porter and give sound training in the duties of a porter to those looking to enter a workplace as a porter.

Course Content:
The course will cover subjects and activities such as, but not exhaustive:

  • Manual handling
  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety in the workplace, including risk assessments
  • Basic electronic communications
  • Conflict management and customer service
  • Introduction to security, including the basic use of CCTV
  • Emergency management

It is advisable for all candidates and organisations to call us to discuss this course for prices and individual needs. Please contact us:
T: 01865 288298
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