The Ashmolean Museum Security Training & Assessment Team

Street Wise Bespoke Training

This course is run over a half day on request.

Recommended for:
Specifically designed for lone working females or females involved with activities that may put them in a risk situation who may face risks to their personal safety in any situation whether in the workplace or in day to day activities.

Please note this is mostly a physical activity course concentrating on break away techniques specifically designed to enable females to remove themselves from potential dangerous situations.

Suitable comfortable clothing is required and all health problems will be stated to trainers prior to the course.

Course Overview:
The course is to instruct and practise physical breakaway techniques once all other conflict management techniques have failed to remove or de-escalate a risk situation.

Course benefits:
On completion of the course all candidates will be able to demonstrate a number of physical breakaway techniques.

Course Content:
This course if bespoke to an organisation or individuals needs however a standard series of basic physical break away techniques are part taught in the course.

It is advisable for all candidates and organisations to call us to discuss this course as it is bespoke and designed to individual needs. Please contact us:
T: 01865 288298
To express an interest go to the Enquiry Form