Press Coverage of the new Ashmolean

2009-10-27 : The Guardian G2, Jonathan Glancey
"It is Britain's oldest public museum - and it's just had a thrilling revamp. Jonathan Glancey gets a sneak preview of the all-new Ashmolean"
2009-10-29 : Channel 4 News, Ashmolean reopens after £61m revamp
Britain's finest university museum reopens in Oxford with an exhibition celebrating the connections between the world's most diverse cultures.
2009-10-29 : The Financial Times, Peter Aspden
Treasure trove: Britain's oldest museum revamped
2009-10-29 : The Times, Jack Malvern
Lawrence's splendid robes are given a chance to command fresh respect
2009-10-29 : The Times, Rachel Campbell-Johnston
A round-the-world ticket for a clear and concise history tour
2009-10-29 : The Daily Telegraph, Stephen Adams
"Visitor 'fatigue' is history as oldest museum gets revamped”
2009-10-29 : The Oxford Times, Reg Little
Preparing to share its treasures again
2009-10-29 : The Independent, Jay Merrick
"The Ashmolean in Oxford, the world's first public museum, has had a £61m makeover. It's a brave mix of ancient and modern"
2009-10-30 : The Wall Street Journal, Paul Levy
A new look for Auntie Ashmolean
2009-10-31 : The Telegraph, Christopher Howse
"The Ashmolean in Oxford, the world's oldest museum, is set to reopen after a major revamp"
2009-11-01 : The Observer, Stephen Bayley
A phoenix rizes from the Ashmolean "Oxford's forbidding museum was almost as dead as the dodo it once housed. Enter Rick Mather…"
2009-11-01 : The Sunday Times – Culture, Hugh Pearman
First class from Oxford "The Ashmolean, Britain's oldest museum, has surfaced revitalised after a £61m expansion"
2009-11-01: Apollo, The Ashmolean Transformed
On 7 November the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford unveils its new building.
2009-11-06 : The Financial Times, Robin Blake
The world in a new light
2009-11-07 : BBC News, Ashmolean Museum opens to public
The UK's oldest public museum has reopened after a £61m redevelopment.
2009-11-14 : The Spectator, James Hamilton, Present, conserve, explain
Philip Pullman was right to claim that the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at Oxford is 'magnificent'. The redevelopment project creates a 'triumphant reinvention' of the museum, with the addition of 39 new galleries and a radical alteration of the site.
2009-11-26: Dezeen Design Magazine , Ashmolean Museum by Rick Mather Architects
November 26th, 2009 Rick Mather Architects of London have completed an extension to the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at Oxford University
2009-11-26: Time Out , A museum worth travelling to see
Oxford's Ashmolean Museum recently underwent a £61m redevelopment project, which saw the creation of 39 new galleries and doubled the exhibition space at the site. The result is a museum that any city would be proud of.
2009-11-27: The Japan Times Online, Bringing Japan to Britain
When she looked at the floor plans for Oxford's redesigned Ashmolean Museum and saw that her two Japanese galleries formed an L-shape in one corner ...Britain When she looked at the floor plans for Oxford's redesigned Ashmolean Museum and saw that her two Japanese galleries formed an L-shape...
2009-11-28: The Independent, Ashmolean Dining Room, Beaumont Street, Oxford
Lofty ambitions ...skyline, in a dazzling glass box of a restaurant on top of the remodelled Ashmolean Museum. The room is packed, at 12.30 on a Friday lunchtime ,
2009-11-30: LA Times, The 'new' Ashmolean
After a $100-million renovation, Britain's oldest public museum reopened earlier this month as a bright, airy, modern institution with twice the display space and a design that has drawn near-unanimous acclaim for its marriage of old and new.
2009-12-03: Oxford Times, Most majestic occasion (part 1)
Report on the Queen’s visit to Oxford yesterday, when she officially opened the Ashmolean Museum following its £61m redevelopment, before visiting Brasenose College, marking the college’s 500th anniversary.
2009-12-03: Oxford Times, Most majestic occasion (part 2)
2009-12-17: London Review of Books , At the Ashmolean
Peter Campbell reviews the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum, which he describes as ‘a wonderful thing’
2009-12-17: Oxford Times , This is my kind of place
Review of the Ashmolean Dining Room
2009-12-18: Jewish Chronicle , There's much more to Oxford than Morse
A travel guide to Oxford notes that the recent re-development of the University's Ashmolean Museum has turned it into the ‘best showcase the nation has of the world's most important civilisations’ The Bodleian Library is described as ‘splendid’ and its current exhibition is recommended.
2009-12-20: The Sunday Telegraph , That rare thing
A review of the Ashmolean Museum's rooftop restaurant.