Advent Calendar Day 13

AN1896-1908.G.280 Nike Greek Pot

Attic red-figure pottery jug depicting Nike

A winged Nike flies with a ribbon towards a tripod. Both are symbols of victory: Nike means "victory" in Greek, and tripods were regularly given as prizes at games or were set up to commemorate victories in battle. This tripod appears to belong to the latter, and the vase may well have been made to commemorate the successful outcome of a battle.

The garments here recall those being worn by participants in the Panathenaic procession shown on the Parthenon frieze which was carved in the 440s.

Attic red figure pottery jug depicting Nike, c. 450–430 BC

Pottery with painted decoration
18 x 10 x 15 cm


AN1896-1908.G.280 Nike Greek Pot


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