A 3-week exploring Russian and European Art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

With Rosamund Bartlett, Cultural Historian

In the artistic renaissance which took place in Russia on the eve of 1917, contact with the French avant-garde played a crucial role. At the same time, thanks to Sergei Diaghilev, the Russian arts began to exert an exhilarating impact on Parisian culture. Join Rosamund Bartlett to explore an extraordinary period of creative exchange.

This event also links to the Ashmolean's ongoing research project about St Petersburg in the Talbot Collection.


The event will take place online on Zoom and link to join the event will be shared in advance by email.

This event is for our Members only. Booking is essential and tickets are £21 each.




The Two Faces of Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg

Tue 8 Jun, 6pm

Like the double-headed eagle, Russia’s two capital cities traditionally looked in different directions - Moscow towards Asia, St. Petersburg towards Europe.  Rosamund Bartlett will discuss their differing characters through an exploration of their art and architecture.


Russian Artists in Paris in the Belle Époque

Tue 15 Jun, 6pm

Paris became an important destination for young Russian painters seeking greater creative freedom at the fin-de-siècle.  Rosamund Bartlett will examine the impact of the French avant-garde on their work, and show how it led to the revitalisation of artistic life in Russia.


Matisse in Moscow: Icons and the Avant-Garde

Tue 22 Jun, 6pm

In 1911, Henri Matisse travelled to Moscow to stay with his patron, Sergei Shchukin. Rosamund Bartlett will tell the story of how Shchukin fell in love with Matisse, how Matisse fell in love with Russian icons, and how his riotous paintings revolutionised the emerging Moscow avant-garde.