In-Person Live Event – Join us at the Museum

Join us for sing along and playtime for babies, as well as a chance for the grown ups to find out about the collections. This group is suitable for parents/carers with babies under one. Each ticket is for one adult and their baby/babies.

The session will take place at the Museum in Gallery 38: China from AD 800 and will begin at 10.15am. The museum opens at 10am.

This event is now FULLY BOOKED

Booking is essential. Tickets are FREE (suggested donation £2) and includes entry to the Museum, cafe and shop.

Just one ticket is needed per family.

Please note that this Baby Ashmoles session will be held on-location in Gallery 38: China from AD 800 at the Ashmolean Museum.


Image of new mums with their babies on blankets playing with silver ball toys


Making your way to the session

Please allow time to make your way to the session, via lift or stairs, as the lifts have a very limited capacity. If you are able to, please park your buggy next to the main entrance on arrival and make your way to the session on foot. This is due to limited space in the gallery. Staff will be happy to guide you to the gallery.

We will provide floor mats for you and baby. If you need a chair just let us know on arrival. The mats are spaced out as much as is possible in the gallery.

Please remember to maintain respectful social distancing.


If you suspect you have symptoms of coronavirus, we ask that you delay your visit and follow government guidance. Please wear your mask on arrival to the museum and when moving around. 

When you are seated for the session, you have the option to remove your mask if you wish.

Be aware that this session involves singing.

Each family will have their own set of toys/resources which are cleaned after every session.

Hand sanitizer will be available.

Further safety information can be found on our Plan Your Visit page: Plan Your Visit