Research is all about lab coats and test tubes, right? Actually, research is about much, much more – in fact many researchers have never worn a lab coat in their lives! Research is feeding curiosity and answering questions – like whether you can turn orange into grapefruit!

The Curiosity Carnival took place on Friday 29 September 2017 and was a chance to find out what research is really all about, meet researchers, ask questions and discover how research affects and changes all our lives. Tickets were free and a Curiosity Explorer ticket gave access to the Ashmolean Museum, Weston Library, Pitt Rivers Museum and Museum of Natural History.

The night was a huge festival of curiosity – a city-wide programme of activities across the University of Oxford’s museums, libraries, gardens and woods. There will be a wide range of activities for all ages and interests – live experiments, games, stalls, busking, debates, music, and dance. Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival 2017 joined hundreds of other European cities in celebrating European Researchers’ Night. 


Click here to view the Ashmolean PDF programme