A special After Hours event at the Museum with talks, performance, workshops and more.

This exciting After Hours event on 26 November 2021 showcasing a diverse range of researchers and performers who are connected to Dante. The event coincided with our free exhibition, Dante: The Invention of Celebrity and was organised in collaboration with the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).

In-Person Live Event – Join us at the Museum
Etching of the poet Dante, in profile, with pink tint overlaid


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  • Our cafe on level -1 will be open all evening for drinks and snacks.
  • Our Rooftop Restaurant on level 4 will be open for dinner and tables can be booked online via OpenTable: Book on OpenTable


  • 5.30pm – ‘Enthousanding' words: Dante, inventor of language at the end of the Paradiso
    With Dr Serena Vandi, Powys Roberts Research Fellow in European Literature, St Hugh’s College
  • 6pm – Curator talk: Dante and the Invention of Celebrity 
    With Professor Gervase Rosser, Professor of the History of Art, Ertegun Director and Fellow of St Catherine’s College
  • 6.30pm – Translating the language of Eden
    With Professor Matthew Reynolds, Professor of English and Comparative Criticism; Tutorial Fellow, St Anne’s College
  • 7pm – “These Dirty Avenues to Fame": Celebrity and Scandal in 18th-century Newspapers
    With Dr Ruth Scobie, Stipendiary Lecturer in English, Mansfield College
  • 7.30pm – The Icon, the Exile: Dante and Italian Street Art
    Dr Macs Smith, Career Development Fellow in French at the Queen’s College


The Humanities Cultural Programme Presents… Ai-Da, the world's first humanoid artist-robot

Ai-Da has contributed works to the Ashmolean Exhibition Dante: The Invention of Celebrity. This includes palimpsest works, featuring portraits of Beatrice and Dante in the Paradiso, and a lenticular artwork reflecting on the blindness of human progress when pursued at any cost in our technological age.

  • 5.10pm – In Conversation with Ai-Da
    Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid artist-robot fields questions from children at Cheney School and the Rumble Museum. Gallery space is limited for this event and available on a first come first served basis.
  • 6.15pm & 7.15pm – Ai-Da on Dante
    i-Da performs poetry in response to Dante’s Divine Comedy and her creators, Aidan Meller and Lucy Seal, tell us more about the world’s first humanoid artist-robot. Gallery space is limited for this event and available on a first come first served basis.


  • 5pm – The Oxford Baroque Ensemble
  • 5.25pm – La Divina Commedia
  • 5.45pm – The Oxford Baroque Ensemble
  • 6.15pm – Ai-Da on Dante (live-streamed)
  • 7pm – Inner Peace Records
  • 7.20pm – The Oxford Baroque Ensemble performs


  • Dante’s Troubadours: A Lecture-Recital
    5.30pm, 6.20pm and 7pm
    With Lachlan Hughes, Stipendiary Lecturer in Italian, St Hilda’s College; and Joseph W. Mason, Junior Research Fellow, New College.
  • Spesse Fiate
    5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.30pm
    With students Piers Kennedy (DPhil, Music Faculty) and Rowan Ireland (UG, Ruskin Schools of Art)


  • Explore the Greek Underworld
  • Poetry Workshop Guides, Journeys, Destinations
  • Interactive talk: Dante's Women, Who Would You Save?
  • Street Art Workshop
  • Book Stand
  • Digital Display 
  • Art Display from The Cherwell School in Oxford


Download the full PDF Programme


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