Part of our Myth and Reality Season

With Alice Foster, art historian

Both at the Museum in the Headley Lecture Theatre, and online via Zoom

Talks include an interval for tea and cake for those attending in person. For those on Zoom there will be a 15-minute pause after approximately 45 minutes, resuming for a further 40 minutes.

Booking is required

Myths in western culture and imagery were inherited from the Greeks; ignored for a while in the Middle Ages, the myths became popular subject matter once more during the Italian Renaissance.  

These mythological stories became the model of spiritual human values. The Florentines cleverly wove meaning from pagan sources seamlessly into Christian values.  

in these three talks, Alice Foster will help us discover the deeper meanings of such stories and myths. She will focus on a selection of popular mythical characters from Venus, Goddess of Love, to St George, the dragon slayer, drawing on the works in our collection.

Watercolour showing St George slaying a dragon with a large sword, with a trapped female figure on the left tied by ropes

St George slaying the Dragon, 1863, Dante Gabriel Rossetti


This past event has now taken place.