With Dr Beatrice Groves, Research Fellow and Lecturer in Renaissance literature at Trinity College, and author of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter

What does a real crystal ball look like? Why was only one of the centaurs nice to Harry Potter? Where does the exchange rate for Wizarding money come from? Did Elias Ashmole really believe that he could make the Philosopher’s Stone?

If you have ever wondered about the history behind the Hogwarts adventures, then this is the tour for you.  JK Rowling’s imagination was fired by the historical myths and magic and on this tour we will look at four objects in the Ashmolean that illuminate some of the real-world sources of her ideas. We will look at classical, Renaissance and Victorian objects to explore some of the ways in which Harry Potter works its magic on the stories and material culture of the past.
Tour schedule:
Tour 1: 5.30-6pm
Tour 2: 6.20-6.50pm
Tour 3: 7.20-7.50pm