With Alice Foster Art Historian

When we look at the visual arts, how do we approach each image?  Are we satisfied the attribution is correct? What do we look for in the composition? Is it peaceful, or perhaps wild with energy?

Virtual Event – Join us Online

And how has the artist employed marks and colour in each work? 

Join Alice Foster to explore all these details and more in this online short course on how to read paintings.

Week 1

Here, we'll cover attribution, before and after the arrival of the signature; Titles; and Supports (canvas, panel).

Week 2

We will look at composition; where the painting was to hang originally; and background history.

Week 3

Here, we'll be taken to the tools: lines, brushwork colour and tone, scale, picture plane, and picture space.


The event will take place online on Zoom and a link to join the event will be shared in advance by email.

Booking is essential and tickets cost £21 each.