With Sandra Orme, pastel artist

Takes place in the Learning Studio

In-Person Live Event – Join us at the Museum

Join Sandra Orme, award-winning pastel artist, to explore using pastels to create evocative works of skies inspired by the techniques of John Ruskin.

In ‘Modern Painters’, Ruskin devotes chapters to ‘Of truth of Skies’, discussing how artists should represent many different kinds of clouds - from the thinnest wisps to the most tumultuous storm clouds- and above all, what makes these depictions feel ’true’.  

We will spend two days devoted to our own ’truth of skies’.

You will explore recreating different clouds, shapes, styles and colours and above all, from the wild to the wispy, recreate beautiful skies in pastel.

All materials will be provided.

Cloud skyscapes - blue skies, golden skies, dusky skies

Interpreting cloud skyscapes with pastels



The event will take place on-site at the Ashmolean.

Booking is essential and tickets £160 each (£150 Concessions).

This event has now taken place.