Friday 26 April 2013, 7.00 – 11.30pm

  • Karaoke
  • Xu Bing's Forest Project – Art Workshop by Emma Titcombe of The Project Room
  • Ancient Chinese Scripts as Images – Art, Language and Imagination Workshop – by Dr Weimin He
  • Chinese Chess, Hakka Bridge and Mah Jong – with members of Oxfordshire Chinese Community & Advice Centre
  • Discover Chinese Knife Money from the Ashmolean's collection
  • Sweet n Sour Swing – Live Music
  • Chinese Influenced DJ Set – by Tim Hand of Oxford Contemporary Music
  • Introducing Acupuncture, Cupping, and Chinese Medicine – by Jess Buck of Eau de Vie
  • Chinese Medicine practitioner, Jess Buck, will introduce visitors to Chinese medicine, and the disciplines that she practices, acupuncture and cupping.
  • Participatory Tai Chi on the Terrace – by Dave Baker of Oxford Tai Chi Chuan
  • Chinese Lion Dance Demonstrations – by members of Oxfordshire Chinese Community & Advice Centre
  • Tui Na (Chinese massage) Taster – by Alan Baker of Eau de Vie
  • Eight Things You Didn't Know About Chinese Contemporary Art – by Philip Dodd
  • Translating China – Transcultural Curatorial Practice – by Rachel Marsden of the Chinese Arts Centre
  • An Introduction to Mandarin Language
  • The Jasmine Moon Duo – Live Music
  • Dynasties Win Prizes – by Professor Craig Clunas
  • An Introduction to The Selden Map – by David Helliwell
  • Chinese Online Games – by Dr Hongping Annie Nie
  • The Scream – by Cai Yuan and JJ Xi of Mad For Real
  • How China's Wartime Past is Changing its Present – and Future – by Professor Rana Mitter
  • Tai Chi Demonstrations – by Alan Baker
  • Should we be worried about China? by Dr Karl Gerth
  • Dim Sum and Drinks on sale