Ashmolean Dry Gin in the Dining Room
Oxford Botanic Garden Physic Gin

To celebrate World Gin Day, and the two local gins inspired by the collections at the Ashmolean and Botanic Gardens, we’ll be merrymaking on the Museum forecourt on the afternoon of Saturday 8 June.

Come and join us for ice cold gin and tonics, a specially curated, signature Cocktail based on the Ashmolean’s very own Gin, deckchairs in the sun, gin tastings, ice creams, and light snacks. As well as sampling both gins on the day, the gins will be on sale outside and in the Museum shop.

Don’t forget your ID if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.



Ashmolean Dry Gin

The Ashmolean Dry Gin is inspired by the Museum's collections from around the world and flavoured with 17 botanicals including exotic jara lemon, rose, jasmine, and spices from the Middle East and Asia. Full tasting and juniper-led, with an intriguing note of cardamom and myrrh, it finishes with a clean and lingering taste of orris and lemongrass. Click here to buy online.

Oxford Botanic Garden Physic Gin

Interesting and complex, this gin is a combination of 25 unique specimens from the Oxford Botanic Garden. Sweet notes of juniper and bay are prominent, but balanced with an intriguing hint of wormwood, gentian and exotic citrus. Herbaceous, savoury, and complex, this is a gin that truly represents 400 years of medicinal botanical cultivation. Click here to buy online.

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