Research Assistant, Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project

Dr Marguerite Spoerri
Dr Marguerite Spoerri

Research Assistant, Quantification of the Roman Imperial Coinage, Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project, Heberden Coin Room

Associate Fellow, University of Warwick
Scientific member, Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece
Research summary
My research interests cover a wide range of subjects, pertaining more specifically but not exclusively to Roman coinage, both imperial and provincial. I am responsible for the identification and publication of the coin finds made by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Eretria (Euboea, Greece). Several publications have already resulted from my work on this project, including one of a hoard consisting of 201 antoniniani dating up to AD 254. The analysis of this hoard enabled me to demonstrate that there seem to be regional differences in coin supply throughout the Roman empire during this period. I have also been investigating questions of coin circulation and coin use in an environment (1st–3rd century AD) that saw local currencies (Roman provincial coins) complement imperial ones.
My PhD, dedicated to all of the coinages issued in the province of Asia during the reign of Gordian III (238–44), was published in 2006 as volume 7.1 of the Roman Provincial Coinage series. Recently I have converted its catalogue into digital format to make it available online ( and have taken the lead in coordinating two further volumes of the Roman Provincial Coinage series, vols. 7.2 (238–44) and 8 (244–49). Aspects I am more specifically interested in include iconography, organisation of coin production, minting patterns and institutional aspects. 
Another of my current research projects is devoted to the coinage of the Mauretanian king Juba II (25 BC–AD 24). I started working on this subject with the analysis of a coin hoard (IGCH 2307) which contained coins from most of the reign of Juba II (up to AD 17/18), found in Morocco in 1907 and dispersed soon after its discovery. A detailed re-examination of this coinage is essential, as coins are part of a bigger ensemble of evidence informing us about the identity of a 'client-kingdom' during the early Roman empire. 
Marguerite Spoerri is Research Assistant for the Quantification of the Roman Imperial Coinage project based at the Heberden Coin Room. She is also Associate Fellow of the University of Warwick and a scientific member of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece. After graduating from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Marguerite Spoerri became curator of the coin cabinet of the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Neuchâtel. During this time, she organised several exhibitions and conferences, among which the international congress of the FIDEM, dedicated to contemporary art medals, and completed her PhD at the University of Neuchâtel. She was an active member of the Swiss Group for the Study of Coin Finds (Groupe suisse pour l’étude des trouvailles monétaires) and the Swiss Numismatic Society. Subsequently she has been a lecturer at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) teaching classes on ancient art and architecture, and has worked for the Münzkabinett der Stadt Winterthur on the publication of volume 3, Griechische Münzen in Winterthur, Pamphylia-Mauretania.
Featured publications
  • Roman Provincial Coinage VII.1, De Gordien Ier à Gordien III (238–44 apr. J.-C.) 1. Province d'Asie (London–Paris, 2006), 395 pp.
  • ‘Erétrie (Eubée) aux époques romaine, paléochrétienne et médiévale: l'apport des trouvailles monétaires à l'histoire de la cité’, in: N. Badoud (ed.), Philologos Dionysios. Mélanges offerts au professeur Denis Knoepfler (Genève, 2011): 423–65.
  • ‘Un trésor d'antoniniens trouvé à Erétrie en 2011 : questions de circulation monétaire en Grèce au milieu du IIIe siècle’, Revue Suisse de Numismatique 91 (2012): 111–206 (with A. Casoli).
  • Roman Provincial Coinage, Consolidated Supplement I–III (1992–2015) (Oxford, 2015) [with P.P. Ripollès, M. Amandry, A. Burnett and I. Carradice].
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  • ‘Le monnayage d’argent émis par le roi Juba II de Maurétanie (I) : catalogue des monnaies datées’, Revue Suisse de Numismatique 94 (2015): 33–114.
  • Roman Provincial Coinage VII.1, Gordian I–Gordian III (238–44), Province of Asia (online publication, Oxford, 2016:
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