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Coin circulation in fourteenth-century Thrace and Constantinople according to the evidence of the hoards

Baker, J

Der Gigliato-Schatzfund aus der Ausgrabung der Berliner Museen in Milet (1903), verborgen um 1370/74

Baker, J, Kluge, B

Discovering Tutankhamun

McNamara, L, Collins, P

England 400 - 1600 gallery

Standley, ER, Ferguson, C

Fantasy and reality: Tiepolo's poetic language at Wurzburg, Verona and Madrid

Whistler, CT

Galleries for Ancient Egypt and Sudan

McNamara, L

Islamic Occultism and the Museum

Leoni, FL

Money Gallery and numismatic displays in 25 other galleries

Howgego, CJ

Review of David Roxburgh, The Persian Album, 1400-1600: From Dispersal to Collection

Leoni, FL

The Ashmolean Story

Standley, ER, Roberts, A

The reformed Byzantine silver based currencies (ca. 1372-1379) in the light of the hoards from the Belgrade Gate

Baker, J, Dompieri, F, Gökyıldırım, T, Domoney, K, Pamuk, T, Yüceil, I

Troilos and Achilles: A monumental statue group from Aphrodisias

Smith, RRR, Hallett, CH

Urban militias in the eastern Islamic world (3rd-4th centuries AH)

Treadwell, WL
Edited by:
Silverstein, A, Bernheimer, T

A history of the Samanids

Treadwell, WL

The numismatic evidence for the reign of Aḥmad b. Ṭūlūn

Treadwell, WL


Baker, J, Kantarelou, V, Karydas, AG, Jones, RE, Siozos, P, Anglos, D, Derham, B

Lorenzo Ghiberti and the language of praise

Harris, J

Agile Objects

German, S, Harris, J

Chinese Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Vainker, SJ
Edited by:
Pejčochová, M, Spee, C

‘Best’ gowns, kerchiefs and pantofles: gifts of apparel in the north east of England in the 16th century

Standley, ER
Edited by:
Martin, T, Weetch, R

Eloquence in Raphael Drawings

Whistler, CT, Thomas, BDH

The formation of religious and caliphal identity in the Umayyad period: the evidence of the coinage

Treadwell, WL
Edited by:
Flood, FB, Necipoğlu, G

Ashmolean object in focus: the lapis lazuli lady

McNamara, L

‘Happy clappers’: new ivory wands from ancient Nekhen

McNamara, L, Friedman, R
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