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Aphrodisias Fisherman

Plaster cast of a marble statue of an old fisherman found in Aphrodisias in south-west Turkey, 1.6 m high.


Nike of Samothrace

Plaster cast of a statue of Nike, goddess of victory, dating to the 3rd century BC, 3.28 m high.


Relief of a battle

Plaster cast, acquired 1901, 64.5 cm high, 122 cm wide, of a relief slab of marble from the Siphnian Treasury (c.525 BC) housed in the Museum at Delphi (right half of the block inv. 1392).


Zeus from Artemision

Bronze cast of a statue of the Greek god Zeus (c.470 BC), 2.09 m high. Cast Gallery inv. B 72.



Plaster cast of a bust of an Athenian youth from the Roman period AD 150–180, 48 cm high.