Opened in 1683, the Ashmolean was the first public museum and has continued to grow and evolve its world class collections.  

The museum is a collection of collections, housing an eclectic mix of the beautiful and unusual of art, textiles, ceramics and archaeology.


The Ashmolean galleries are filled with stunning collections which inspire and fascinate. They represent the world's major civilisations dating from 800BC to the present day and include:

  • the world's greatest collection of Raphael drawings
  • a Western Art collection featuring stunning examples of European paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and musical instruments including the Pissarro Family Archive and John Ruskin's teaching collection
  • the most comprehensive collection of Worcester porcelain
  • an Eastern Art collection encompassing ceramics, sculpture, paintings, textiles and prints from the Islamic world, India, South East Asia, China and Japan
  • a collection of 900 casts which is one of the oldest, largest and best preserved in the world
  • in excess of 300,000 coins and medals

In addition to the public galleries the Ashmolean has a vast archive. Licensees are welcome to work with the Museum in the archives, taking their time to discover its hidden treasures. Licensees will be amazed by the material available to them that can be used to create beautiful and commercially successful products.


Brand licensing at the Ashmolean

The Ashmolean is very fortunate to be working with the following companies:

  • Elite Gift Boxes
  • Flame Tree Publishing
  • Fox & Chave
  • John Austin Publishing
  • Lemon Head Print
  • Mandarin Arts
  • Rampley & Co.
  • Museum Reproductions
  • The Oxford Artisan Distillery
  • Surface View
  • Woodmansterne

These licensees have worked closely with the Museum's collections to create commercially successful Ashmolean-branded products. In turn, this generates much needed royalty income for the Museum which helps it to continue its valuable work.


The Ashmolean Museum is thrilled to be working with Rampley & Co., a luxury men’s clothing and accessories company who offer timeless designs with a contemporary twist using exceptional materials. Rampley & Co. believe in ensuring every piece is made to last a lifetime whilst offering a vision for a sophisticated, confident British style.

The collaboration has resulted in five beautiful high quality, sustainably-made, hand-rolled silk pocket squares featuring highlights from across the Museum’s collections. See Latest Additions – Rampley & Co for more information

Rampley & Co. regularly partner with artisans sharing hundreds of years of heritage and manufacturing experience, making the Ashmolean an excellent fit for their popular range of pocket squares. The Brand Licensing team worked closely with Rampley & Co. to identify objects from the Ashmolean’s collections which they felt told a story. Elliott Rampleye xplains:

"We always try to ensure that every product tells a story and so we like to choose imagery and designs that have heritage and a historical narrative we can provide to our customers. Secondly, we have to make sure the design itself works in terms of being used as a pocket square so we look at the colour palette as well as how the design may show when only part of it is seen from the top of a pocket. We then also try to make sure we have variation across our range so we’re looking for designs, colours andthemes that we haven’t necessarily used before and that aren’t available in any of our other collaborations."

Visit Rampley & Co


Alongside the Ashmolean’s established partnerships, the Museum is pleased to be working with Start Licensing as we look to raise awareness of the collection and build upon new opportunities for licensing across all categories. Licensees will have unprecedented access to curatorial departments, study rooms and collections. The Ashmolean’s licensing team can help licensees make full use of these fantastic creative resources and work with them to develop products inspired by the Ashmolean which will, in turn, inspire consumers. To find out more about these opportunities, please contact:

Email the Ashmolean Licensing Team:

To order images for personal study or for publication go the image library website


Requests to reuse content from Ashmolean Museum publications are now being processed through PLSclear. Please use the search widget below or visit to complete your permission request.

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