Department of Antiquities

Unique water-jug combining Cypriot
and Phoenician shapes and images,
700-600 BC, AN1885.366.

Ancient Cyprus

With some 7000 registered objects, the Ashmolean’s collection of Cypriot antiquities ranks among the largest and most significant Cypriot collections worldwide outside Cyprus. It illustrates the culture and history of ancient Cyprus, a cultural crossroads between Orient and Occident, from the earliest settlements on the island in about 10.000 BC until the Roman period. The great majority of the objects – pottery, terracotta figurines, sculpture, metal-work and jewellery – date to the Bronze and Iron Ages from about. 2000 – 300 BC and come from British excavations at various sites all over the island listed in a site catalogue of the Ashmolean’s Ancient Cyprus website. There is also a fine collection of pottery from the crusader period (Lusignan period) about 1100 – 1400 AD and a small coin collection curated by the Heberden Coin Room. A list of archaeological sites represented by the collection can be found here. The collection is in the process of being digitised for web-publication beyond the current Ashmolean Cyprus website.

Online Resources

For more information on the collection contact Dr Anja Ulbrich, A.G. Leventis curator of Cypriot Antiquities: