Department of Antiquities

Curatorial Responisbilities

The curatorial responsibilities of members of the Department, with a selection of recent or pending publications specifically on the Museum collections, are as follows:

Paul Roberts, Keeper
Roman collections
Specialises in the day-to-day life of the ordinary people of the Roman world. His particular research interests include glass, pottery, bronze and the mummy portraits of Roman Egypt.


Paul Collins, Assistant Keeper
Ancient Near Eastern collections
Specialises in Mesopotamian art and archaeology with a focus on the late fourth, early third and first millennia BC. Working on the analysis and digitization of material from Kish.


Eleanor Standley, Assistant Keeper
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval collections
Specialises in later medieval British archaeology, with a particular interest in themes of daily life and dress accessories. She is also a lecturer in the University's School of Archaeology.


Liam McNamara, Assistant Keeper
Ancient Egypt and Sudan collections
Specialises in the archaeology of the late Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods. He was Lead Curator on the redevelopment of the Egypt and Nubia galleries, which reopened on 26 November 2011.


Alison Roberts, Curator
European and Early Prehistory collections and Department of Antiquities archives
Working on the web publication of the British archaeological collections, and the Sir John Evans archive. She specialises in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology, lithic technology and the history of archaeology.


Anja Ulbrich, Curator
The A.G. Leventis Curator of the Cypriot Collection
Working on the digitisation of the Ancient Cypriot collection for publication on the Ashmolean website (Cyprus Digitisation Project). She specialises in first millennium BC Cypriot and Greek archaeology, particularly cultural contacts in the East Mediterranean, cult, sanctuary sites and sculptures.

Marianne Bergeron, Curator
The Butler-Levett Curator of Classical Greece
Working on the digitisation of the Attic black and red figure vases for publication on the Ashmolean website. She specialises in Archaic Greek pottery with a particular interest in Greek and Western Phoenician relations observed through the different uses of Greek wares, Carthaginian archaeology, and Phoenico-Punic burial customs.