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British and European Archaeology

British Archaeology at the Ashmolean

The Alfred Jewel

Website for the project concerning the historic British Archaeological collections held by the Ashmolean Museum.

Monumental Brass Rubbings

Brass rubbings

Online catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum's collection of approximately 5000 brass rubbings made over a number of years by the Oxford University Archaeological Society, the Oxford Architectural and Historical Society and others.

PotWeb: Ceramics Online


Online catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum's ceramic collections; also associated learning resources concerning the history of ceramics.

TileWeb: An Archive of Paving Tiles


Online catalogue of the archive of Medieval paving tiles in the Parker-Hore Collection, Worcester, and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Archives and Artefacts: Exploring the past through A2A and the work of E T Leeds

Photograph of E T Leeds

Website for the project concerning the work of pioneering archaeologist, E T Leeds and his work in Oxfordshire and with the Anglo-Saxons.

Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire (Presentation)

Historic Oxfordshire

Website for the HLF funded research project on the work of five key archaeologists working in Oxfordshire (c.1870-1950). Includes catalogue of archival material from the archaeologists held by the Museum.

Historic Air Photos

Historic air photos

Online catalogue of aerial photographs taken by Major George Allen, one of the pioneers of the technique during the 1930s, and Derrick Riley; with an historical introduction to aerial photography in the service of archaeology (still under construction).

Stonehenge and the Ashmolean Museum (FAQ)


Online catalogue of material from the site of Stonehenge held by the Ashmolean Museum, and discussion of how this collection reflects the historical development of interest in Stonehenge, as well as the evolution of archaeological technology and methodology over the last two centuries.

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