Glass of Four Millenia
18th May to 9th July, 2000
About Time
6th February to 1st April 2001
Arthur Evans and the Knosssos Frescos
19th September to 5th November 2002
Happenings in a Museum
Ten consecutive exhibitions in the course of ten months at the Ashmolean Museum by Roma Tearne, Leverhulme Artist-in-Residence, 2002-2003.
Palagruza: the Isle of Diomedes
19th Febraury to 11th April 2003
Hidden Histories of the Ashmolean: the Forecourt Excavation, 1994
A small exhibition concerning the history of the Ashmolean site, held in the Café Lobby, originally for National Archoaelogy Day 2003.
The Rise and Fall of an Imperial Shrine: Roman Sculpture from the Augusteum at Narona
7th July to 17th October 2004