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Ancient Greek Pottery The Ashmolean Museum: A history of the institution and its collections Life and Death in the Iron Age
  • The Ancient Near East by P R S Moorey (1987)
  • Ancient Greek Terracottas by C F Vafopoulou-Richardson (1991)
  • The Ancient Romans by Michael Vickers (1992)
  • Medieval England: archaeological collections in the Ashmolean Museum from Alfred the Great to Richard III by Moira Hook and Arthur MacGregor (1997)
  • Pots and People (that have shaped the Heritage of Medieval and Later England) by Maureen Mellor (1997)
  • Ancient Greek Pottery by Michael Vickers (1999)
  • Tudor England: archaeological and decorative art collections in the Ashmolean Museum from Henry VII to Elizabeth I by Moira Hook and Arthur MacGregor (2000)
  • The Ashmolean Museum: A history of the institution and its collections by Arthur MacGregor (2001)
  • Life and Death in the Iron Age by Jennifer Foster (2002)
  • Scythian and Thracian antiquities in Oxford by Michael Vickers (2002)
  • England under the Stuarts: collections in the Ashmolean Museum from James I to Queen Anne by Moira Hook and Arthur MacGregor (2003)
  • Ancient Egypt and Nubia in the Ashmolean Museum by Helen Whitehouse (2009)

Out of Print Handbooks

Ancient Cyprus Ancient Italy Scythian Treasures From Silver to Ceramic

Published Catalogues

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