NEM: Past Seminars


CHRISTOPH BACHHUBER, University of Oxford
Thursday 24th February

Accommodating foreignness at MBA Kültepe-Kanesh and LBA Boǧazköy-Hattusa on the Anatolian Plateau

ALI ÇIFÇI, Liverpool
Thursday 10th February

A New Model for the Socio-economic Study of Urartian Society

IAN RUTHERFORD, University of Reading
Thursday 27th January

Religious Interactions between Anatolia and the Aegean: What Sorts of Archaeological Evidence Might We Expect to Find?


GUNNAR LEHMAN, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Thursday 17th June

New Evidence for East-West Contacts in Eastern Cilicia during the 8th and 7th Centuries BCE

ALEXANDER VACEK, University of Oxford
Thursday 10th June

The Greek pottery from Al Mina. Aspects of Greek contacts with the Eastern Mediterranean during the Iron Age

TAMAR HODOS, University of Bristol
Thursday 6th May

'Mediterraneanisation' in the North-Eastern Levant

NICOLETTA MOMIGLIANO, University of Bristol
Monday 8th March

Investigating pre-Classical Lycia: the Çaltilar Survey Project

CAROL BELL, British School at Athens
Thursday 25th February

The Merchants of Ugarit. Oligarchs of the LBA trade in metals?

ARTEMIS GEORGIOU, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford
Thursday 11th February

Cyprus during the 'Crisis Years': continuity and change in the twelfth century BC

LINDA HULIN, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford
Thursday 28th January

Connectivity in the eastern Mediterranean: ancient connections and scholarly divisions