Digital Sketchbooks: using tablets on a museum art visit

""... I have been able to express my art and ideas in a simple and easy way, whether itís for homework or just for fun." (Yr 9 student)

""Ďa quick, eclectic way for the students to generate design ideas based on first hand observations, whilst at the same time generating images derived from a cultural experience." (Art & Design teacher)


This resource is the result of a project with The Marlborough Church of England School to explore the ways in which tablets can support a Museum art visit.

Watch our short films to see highlights of the workshops we ran. These are also available to download as podcasts.

Download supporting PDFs that provide an overview of the 3 apps that we used, plus ideas for activities using tablets.

View the gallery of work created by students from The Marlborough Church of England School.

We hope our resources inspire you to bring your own devices to the Museum. We'd be happy to advise – please contact us if you'd like help planning your visit.



Film: Introduction

Film: Pic Collage

Film: Brushes

Film: 123D Catch

Film: Conclusion


Since we worked on this project, we are not using Brushes as it is not supported on iOS8. We are now using Procreate instead.


PDFs to Download


Gallery of Student Work

Bird detail from Forest Fire using Brushes (Year 12)

Flower detail using Brushes (Year 12)

Flowers from Convent Thoughts using Pic Coll. (Yr 12)

Flowers using Pic Collage (Year 12)

Horse and rider using Brushes (Year 9)

Islamic Art using Pic Collage (Year 9)

Islamic tiles pattern using Brushes (Year 12)

Islamic tiles pattern using Pic Collage (Year 9)

Pic Collage of Islamic Patterns (Year 12)

Brushes Animals Portrait (Year 9)


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