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4 February – 15 May 2016

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About the Exhibition

This spring exhibition presents, for the first time in public, an important private collection of works by Andy Warhol (1928–1987).

Cultural icon, celebrity and provocateur, Warhol produced images which are instantly recognizable, but this exhibition, through the lens of a private collection, also reveals an unfamiliar side to the artist in his less well-known works.

Over 100 paintings, sculptures, screen prints and drawings from the Hall Collection will be exhibited alongside loans of the artist’s films from The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.

Among the works featured are a series of screen prints of Joseph Beuys, based on a Polaroid photograph taken by Warhol in 1979 when the two giants of postwar art came face-to-face for the first time. Curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, the exhibition spans Warhol’s entire career, from iconic works of the ‘60s to the experimental creations of his last decade. It is arranged chronologically, opening with the early Pop masterpieces and portraits.

The first room includes works from key series such as Flowers and Brillo Soap Pads Box; a group of artists’ portraits; as well as some of Warhol’s earliest experiments in screen print portraits with pictures of patrons, friends and celebrities. Films of the early ‘60s, including Sleep (1963) and Empire (1964) and a selection of Warhol’s Screen Tests, illustrate how the artist engaged with the moving image.

The main room of the exhibition is dominated by a spectacular display of Warhol’s commissioned portraits spanning the 1970s right up to the year before his death. The gallery closes with Warhol’s response to the challenge of abstraction with Rorschach, Shadows and Oxidation Paintings.

The exhibition’s final room concentrates on the productive last years of Warhol’s life. In the Positive/ Negative series, Warhol revisited the subject matter of his earliest Pop works - advertising, newspaper headlines and commerical packaging - and explored new territory in overtly political and religious works.


Exhibition Supporters

The exhibition features over a hundred works from the Hall Collection (USA), plus loans of artist films from the Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh. This exhibition has been curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal.

We are hugely grateful to the Hall Art Foundation and to Andy and Christine Hall for making this exhibition possible with the generous loan of their superb collection.