Current Exhibitions


Nicolas Poussinís Extreme Unction

18 Sep 2015 to 13 Dec 2015

A recently loaned masterpiece by Nicolas Poussin, one of the most celebrated artists of the 17th century, is on display in our Baroque Art gallery.

Gallery 46 | Admission Free | More Info

Homage to Ganesha

22 Sep 2015 to 24 Jan 2016

One of the most popular Hindu deities, the elephant-headed Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and the source of all success.

Gallery 29 | Admission Free | More Info

Wellby Bronze Renaissance Bowl

6 Oct 2015 to 1 Jan 2016

This display of silversmithing and coins explores aspects of the cultural, technological and religious landscapes of a 16th?century Bohemian silver-mining boom town.

Gallery 7 | Admission Free | More Info

Tasting China: Images of Food in Chinese Art

13 Oct 2015 to 14 Feb 2016

With images of various foods and related rituals and activities, this exhibition looks at representations of food within Chinese art.

Gallery 11 | Admission Free | More Info