Current Exhibitions


Ed Paschke: Visionary from Chicago, 1968–2004

17 Jan 2015 to 5 Jul 2015

Ed Paschke: Visionary from Chicago, 1968–2004 is the third in the Ashmolean’s series of exhibitions of post-war and contemporary art presented in collaboration with the Hall Art Foundation (USA). Curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, a selection of paintings spanning Paschke’s artistic career from 1968 to 2004 will be on view.

Gallery 2 | Admission Free | More Info

Gods In Colour: Painted Sculpture in Antiquity

22 Jan 2015 to 19 Jul 2015

This exhibition of over twenty full-size colour reconstructions of Greek and Roman sculptures challenges the popular notion of classical white marble sculpture. It shows that ancient statues were far more colourful, complex, and exuberant than is often thought.

Gallery 14 | Admission Free | More Info

From Palace to Studio: Chinese Women Artists, 1900 to the present

10 Mar 2015 to 27 Sep 2015

At the beginning of the 20th century, the palace retainers of China’s Empress Dowager Cixi included a ‘ghost painter’. This accomplished female artist was tasked with producing paintings in the Empress’s name, and only rarely signed her own works.

Gallery 11 | Admission Free | More Info

Great British Drawings

26 Mar 2015 to 31 Aug 2015

The collection of British drawings and watercolours in the Ashmolean is one of the largest and most important in the world. Great British Drawings shows more than one hundred works by some of the country’s greatest artists, to trace the history of drawing in Britain. Many of the drawings are shown for the first time in public.

Galleries 58, 60 & 61 | Ticketed | More Info

Yoshida Hiroshi: A Japanese Artist in India

9 Jun 2015 to 13 Sep 2015

In 1930, Japanese printmaker Yoshida Hiroshi (1876–1950) spent several months travelling in India and Southeast Asia.

Gallery 29 | Admission Free | More Info