Current Exhibitions


Nicolas Poussinís Extreme Unction

18 Sep 2015 to 13 Dec 2015

A recently loaned masterpiece by Nicolas Poussin, one of the most celebrated artists of the 17th century, is on display in our Baroque Art gallery.

Gallery 46 | Admission Free | More Info

Homage to Ganesha

22 Sep 2015 to 24 Jan 2016

One of the most popular Hindu deities, the elephant-headed Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and the source of all success.

Gallery 29 | Admission Free | More Info

Wellby Bronze Renaissance Bowl

6 Oct 2015 to 1 Jan 2016

This display of silversmithing and coins explores aspects of the cultural, technological and religious landscapes of a 16th?century Bohemian silver-mining boom town.

Gallery 7 | Admission Free | More Info