Current Exhibitions


Pure Land

1 Mar 2016 to 2 Oct 2016

Pure Land is the name for the realm of the Buddha and other deities depicted in paintings since the Tang dynasty (AD 618–907).

Gallery 11 | Admission Free | More Info

Monkey Tales

14 Jun 2016 to 30 Oct 2016

To celebrate the Year of the Monkey in 2016 this special display showcases images of adventurous and mischievous monkeys in works on paper from Iran to Japan.

Gallery 29 | Admission Free | More Info

All Must Have Prizes 1750–1850

14 Jun 2016 to 13 Nov 2016

This display of medals and prizes from the mid-eighteenth century tell us about the ideals of personal and professional improvement through competition during the time in which they were made.

Gallery 7 | Admission Free | More Info

Storms, War and Shipwrecks: Treasures from the Sicilian Seas

21 Jun 2016 to 25 Sep 2016

Storms, War and Shipwrecks tells the extraordinary story of the island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean through the discoveries made by underwater archaeologists.

Galleries 58 – 61 | Ticketed | More Info