Current Exhibitions


Pax Mongolica 1210–1350

19 Jan 2016 to 12 Jun 2016

Genghis Khan established the Mongol Empire in 1206. It rapidly expanded during the following decades, continuously invading new territories.

Gallery 7 | Admission Free | More Info

Scenes of Last Tokyo

2 Feb 2016 to 5 Jun 2016

In the early 20th century a new artistic movement emerged in Japan: the Sosaku Hanga (Creative Print) movement.

Gallery 29 | Admission Free | More Info

Pure Land

1 Mar 2016 to 2 Oct 2016

Pure Land is the name for the realm of the Buddha and other deities depicted in paintings since the Tang dynasty (AD 618–907).

Gallery 11 | Admission Free | More Info

Artweeks: Noisy Collages

24 May 2016 to 26 Jun 2016

Artist Francesca Shakespeare worked with families to create ‘then and now’ collages of Oxford’s High Street with Penny Boreham from Audio Dreams.

Education Centre Foyer | Admission Free | More Info