Exhibition/Display Details

Architecture in Miniature

Works by Vicki Ambery-Smith and Hugh Colvin

14 Nov 2015 to 15 May 2016

In this display the Oxford-inspired work of renowned architectural silversmith Vicki Ambery-Smith and ceramist Hugh Colvin are being shown together for the first time.

Vicki Ambery-Smith has earned an international reputation for her unique style of jewellery and silverware based on her interpretations of architecture. Growing up in Oxford provided her with inspiration that has developed over 35 years into a theme that draws on buildings as diverse as ancient Greece and contemporary Europe and America. This collection is a celebration of Oxford’s extraordinary buildings. She has recreated key Oxford landmarks in silver including a piece celebrating the 350th anniversary of the construction of The Sheldonian Theatre.

Hugh Colvin is a ceramist. Inspired by his father, the Oxford architectural historian Sir Howard Colvin, he started making architectural models in porcelain clay fired to stoneware temperatures (1200 deg C). His models are often based on the historic designs by Michelangelo, Gibbs, Hawksmoor, Langley, LeDoux and others. He prefers the imaginary and the unbuilt, the follies and the ruins, and has also made many fantasies to his own designs. Hugh Colvin will be exhibiting four ceramic architectural sculptures.

Gallery 63 | Admission Free