Exhibitions: Westmorland: Grand Tour

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To accompany The English Prize exhibition the Ashmolean has produced a ‘Grand Tour Trail’ allowing visitors to explore themes of travel and collecting among the Museum’s permanent collections.

The Ashmolean also has the country’s only permanent gallery devoted to the Grand Tour - the Britain and Italy Gallery (46) located on the second floor.

The collections in the Ashmolean illustrate the journeys of ideas and objects across continents and through the centuries. They demonstrate the significance of cultural contacts and exchanges. The objects found on board the Westmorland similarly crossed cultures: purchased by British tourists in Italy as evidence of their taste and sophistication, they were transformed into educational resources for the training of Spanish art students. Multiple links can be established between the Westmorland’s cargo and the Ashmolean’s collection.

The trail explores the range and complexity of the associations sparked off by this episode of the Grand Tour. Taste and fashion, imitation and originality, copies and pastiches, restorations and excavations are some of the themes touched upon.

The galleries in which visitors will find related collections are:

On the Lower-Ground Floor:
Human Image (2); Conserving the Past (3)

On the Ground Floor:
Rome (13); The Cast Gallery (14); Greek and Roman Sculpture (21)

On the Second Floor:
Music and Tapestry (39); Italian Renaissance (43); European Art (44)
Britain and Italy (49); Landscape Oil Sketches (50); Arts of the 18th Century (52)