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Friday 27 January, 7–10.30 pm

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LiveFriday: January 2017

Friday 27 January, 7–10.30 pm
All Welcome!

Immerse yourself in a multilingual world and experience music, theatre, language tasters & curator talks. Dress up to express your identity and awaken your inner linguist!

The Oxford-led research programme Creative Multilingualism has teamed up with the Ashmolean Museum for LinguaMania, a special late night opening to bring alive the museumís multicultural world through the art and science of language. The Rooftop Restaurant and Crypt Café will also be open all evening.


Just bring along English or another native language to enjoy live performances of music and theatre, stories from different parts of the world, or a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Learn some Russian or Old Norse, have a go at cracking hieroglyphic codes on objects, and get an insight into the workings of your linguistic brain.

This diverse and dynamic evening is supported by the Open World Research Initiative funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Creative Multilingualism, led by Oxfordís Modern Languages Faculty, investigates the interconnection between linguistic diversity and creativity. It involves researchers from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences at Oxford, Birmingham City University, Cambridge, Pittsburgh, Reading and the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Help map the world in the main atrium of the Museum and join researchers, language practitioners, and cultural and community groups for around 30 activities and events throughout the museum.

All ages welcomed and encouraged.

FREE, but booking required. Please select your preferred time slot for arrival from the options:

7.00pm or 7.30pm

Please note visitors may not be able to see every performance. Most activities are repeated throughout the night so that visitors can experience as much as possible.

This event is part of Creative Multilingualism, which is a four-year research programme investigating the interconnection between linguistic diversity and creativity.

The programme is funded by the AHRC's Open World Research Initiative and is led by the University of Oxford.

FREE, booking essential by following this link.


Follow this link to download the PDF programme.