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Ashmolean Museum Presentations
  AMPs are a series of web pages that expore various themes and subjects that relate the Ashmolean's collections
  Intended Audience: Anyone with an interest in Art and Archaeology
  Ancient Cyprus
  The Ashmolean Museum has a large collection of archaeological material from Cyprus. The collection is representative of human history on the island, and is of international importance. The collection provides an excellent resource for the study of the archaeology of the island. Far from being a scientific resource alone, the collections provide surprising and often amusing insights into the lives of the ancient inhabitants of this Mediterranean island. These pages have been created as part of a documentation project funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) with the aims of improving access to the collection and displaying the material to a far wide audience than is possible in the museum building alone.
  Iraq - Navel of the World
  "Iraq is the navel of the world", declared the 9th-century historian Yaqubi, "and Baghdad is at its centre". This online exhibition brings together some highlights of the Ashmolean Museum's collection of ancient and pre-modern Iraqi objects to illustrate some aspects of past lives in the land that has been called the cradle of civilisation.
Writing Worship Country Life City Life Palace Life Buildings Map and Timeline
  Exploring the Past through the Work of E.T. Leeds and A2A
  This website contains information about the life and work of E.T. Leeds, the archive of his papers held at the Ashmolean Museum, and details of Anglo-Saxon sites in Oxfordshire. There are online galleries the artefacts from some of these sites which are now in the Ashmolean Museum.
Take a journey through Anglo-Saxon life and death based on objects in the Ashmolean Museum. This website is designed for children age 7-11 (Key Stage 2). There are related games and activites, as well as advice for teachers wishing to use the website. You can take a virtual tour of the Anglo-Saxon gallery in the Ashmolean Museum (now closed), find out about Anglo-Saxon Oxford and meet the Vikings.
  Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire
  At the Ashmolean Museum five documentary archives have been identified, each associated with a major figure in the history of the archaeological investigation of Oxfordshire, c.1870–c.1950. All of these archives are striking for the importance of the information they contain and for the current lack of knowledge concerning their contents in the public domain. This project is integrating the information with the Oxfordshire Records Office and Oxfordshire Sites and Monuments Record to make the information freely available for local history and other research.
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