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Ancient Cyprus
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  Highlights of the Collection: Cypriot Jewelery
  Cypriot Jewellery from the Archaic Period Page 2 of 3
  Some spiral rings also occur in very elaborate and heavy versions. Because of their size and thickness it can be hard to image these more elaborate examples as being used in the earlobes and they could have been used as hair ornaments. However, with the rich corpus of sculpture available for the period on Cyprus, some form of depiction would be expected had they been used as hair ornaments . Elsewhere in the classical world other types of spirals exist which could be adornments for the hair. Several examples on display in the Beazley Gallery of Classical Antiquities are shown below (all are from Corinth):
  AN1927.1326 AN1927.1327 AN1927.1328 AN1927.1329
  Decorated metallic tubes (right: AN.Oldfield.10) are more certainly hair ornaments and terracotta statuettes show this type of hair ornament at the end of plaits from this period.
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