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Ancient Cyprus
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  Highlights of the Collection: Cypriot Jewelery
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Cypriot Jewellery (AN1976.61a; AN1976.61b; AN1942.171)

After Archaic times the style of Cypriote jewellery does not differ from that of the surrounding cultures of the Mediterranean, and Cypriote jewellery is often seen in displays as examples of the work of Hellenistic, Greek or Roman cultures. During this period, gold is often combined with precious stones, glass and pearls.

AN1976.61a; AN1976.61b; AN1942.171


More Cypriot Jewellery

Earrings with animal headed terminals are a common type, and are seen in a variety of sizes. The largest examples are especially impressive. The craftsmanship is of high standard, with minute detail. Typical animals represented are bulls, rams or goats, lions (sometimes with horns!), and dolphins. All of these types are represented in the Ashmolean Collections.

  AN1938.1424; AN1896-1908.G455; AN1942.210-214; AN.Oldfield.6;
AN.Oldfield.7; AN1888.1204; AN1890.684
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