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Ashmolean Museum Units for Learning, Education and Teaching
  AMULETs are a series of resources to be used at different levels of the Learning Process
  Intended Audience: Anyone who is involved in the Learning Process, whether student or teacher
The Tradescant Collection
This unit is intended to highlight a number of the objects surviving from the Tradescant collection, and to place them in their historical and intellectual context. It is a resource for the Further Subject Court Culture and Art in Early Modern Europe, 15801700 which is part of the Modern History degree course.
The Elements of Drawing: Ruskin's Teaching Collections at Oxford
This ongoing project is developing:
  • Digital images of the works in the Ruskin Teaching Collection
  • Digital versions of Ruskin’s catalogues of and notes on the Collection
  • Digital versions of the Ashmolean’s catalogue information about the Collection
Cypriot Copper: Mysteries of the Bronze Age
Aside from contemporary Egyptian texts, there is little or no documentary evidence about the Bronze Age people of Cyprus. These pages contain images of some of the more interesting copper and bronze objects from the Bronze Age Cypriot collections in the Antiquities Department of the Ashmolean.
The Burgon Archive Project
Thomas Burgon (1767-1838) was a merchant who traded between London, Greece, and Turkey, and Smyrna in particular. During his lifetime he collected and documented over 300 artifacts, many of which are now in the British Museum. To document his collection he created watercolour paintings of his collections, and these have ended up in the Ashmolean Museum.
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