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About Time
6th February - 1st April 2001

wa1947.191About Time, an interactive exhibition for the millennium, looks at time in all its facets. It explores how we record time, commemorate events and, most importantly for a museum, how we measure the effects of time on our objects.

Time affects all our lives: we try to resist the ageing process with pills and potions, we mark the milestones of time through celebrations and rites of passage and we try to measure it with lunar cycles and new technologies. But we are usually so busy keeping up with time -- catching trains, meeting schedules, getting to school or work -- that we have no time to think about time itself.

About Time focuses on the conservator's role and conservation methods. The exhibition explores the way objects change with time, our investigations and attempts to fight these changes.

On show is an exquisite array of timepieces -- from a watch in the shape of a skull, viewed through its gaping mouth, to an ivory pocket sundial which could tell the time by sun or moonlight. Also on display is the oldest horoscope in the world.

Objects such as early Jewish wedding rings, commemorative plates and photos demonstrate how different cultures and ages mark time and celebrate events. We can also hear local residents -- aged 9 to 100 years old --talk about their lives.

About Time is supported by an education programme including hands-on practical activities for children in the exhibition. Come and try out a feely-box or reconstruct a piece of sculpture!

See Children's Activities on the Education Pages for more information on the 'TIME-Tastic' Family Drop In Session on 24th February

About Time is organised jointly by the Oxfordshire County Museum Service and the Ashmolean Museum.

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